thank you.


the benefits of being famous

so as the title says…

this morning, after I came back from gym (out of boredom) to my hse(setapak), only realized that the locker has changed WTFFF and they didn’t even tell me @#$%^&

obviouly my wallet and phone were not with me. I went to gym you think I go where?

my life sucks to the extend everyone I know in PV10(my condo) were not in. yea I went hse to hse seeking for help. couldn’t recall some of their hse tho.

technically I must get 2 things to rescue myself, a phone and any of my hsemate’s number. guess wat I did?

I went to the knn management(dog attitude) to ask for my hse record and thanks to all the gods in this world I got one of my hsemate’s number out of the 6 unknown people(previous tenants). I asked the management to call and the phone went like ‘tooott…the number dialed is not available….’

I got so helpless before went back up to¬† basement to see who’s in that time(by looking at the car I know). I called my last shot by pressing my neighbour’s door bell. one guy came out and I told him the story and asked if he could borrow me his phone.

Upon passing me his phone he asked me if I were the UTAR basketball captain. He said he saw me few times and heard that the ‘guy'(which referring to me) is staying here… bla bla long story..

actually I’m not but only the manager. not bad wei, my bball manager post finally has something useful to prove, saved my life. if not I must be dead outside my own hse nobody would know until night.


reason we lag

does any patriotic thoughts ever cross your mind in this country you call home, that eventually makes you sing your national anthem during national day?

what makes indiganation strikes me is that why and why on earth are we still lagging so much behind the others. the essential of all basics community utility reflects all what I wanna bring out.

I witness a passerby got himself in an car accident for the unavailability of pavement in KL. Is that how we are taught in school to use the passageway or crossway when there is none of them in this so called ‘thriving and prosperous’ city?

the accidents are so ridiculous that sometimes we laugh. years back in a yumcha session with members somebody brought out a ‘joke’ somebody got bang by a car while cycling. wtf wei, how innocent can that be, cycling off road and then what?

probably the one you blame is the cyclist, yet if you put this to a larger scale, pull your focus out of the situation, you’ll finally realize it’s the people who mark out the roads are to be blamed.

look at our neighbour singapore and thailand. the 1st difference you can find, is that they have pedestrian passageway while we have ‘black’ holes on our tar roads.

think about that.

I feel good

andrey arshavin makes me wanna play football

Bangkok and Pattaya – finale

this is the last stop before we hit the airport. pttaya floating market.

this place looks like water houses. artificial lake.

they sell things on boats. alot nice foods.

nothing really much to do here other than eating and shopping. the taxi driver drove us 150km/hr in the bz traffic to airport and I was cursing in my heart.

bangkok airport is cool. They provide free internet service at the waiting area. here’s me being jakun.

last group photo

scenery from the plane

bye bangkok..

I really wanna say. bangkok is a nice place.
thanks air asia again for the low fare ticket.
thanks to my travel mates for being so sporting.


finally the long awaited holiday has come. I shall continue blogging. arsenal please thrash liverpool..

Pattaya #Day 2 Island retreat

one thing people go pattaya for is the beach. I’m highly recommend you to this island called koh larn.

even the sunrise is the bestest over here..

planet above all planets

I bloody love sunrise man!

good morning pattaya

this got feel

the ferry service is only 20baht per trip. 45 minutes to koh larn(coral island)

with the sun

the journey is windy and it feels like paradise.

the locals stay here

at the first beach

there’re few nice beaches to check out on this island.I don’t remember the name tho. this is the first beach.

super clean water no pollution.


there’s nothing much to do at beaches except doing the typical beach activities that I don’t usually get myself involved in.

2nd beach up next.

this beach is deep not so clean

coconut combo

hot chicks mega combo

tempo tattoo